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“The Hunger Games” Finds its Finnick

22 Aug

I”ll be up-front with you: I’ve never read The Hunger Games. And even I was excited to see which mid-twenties hottie would play Finnick Odair in 2013’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The new character is described as a “mid-twenties hottie with charm for days” so really, what’s not to be excited for?
Today, the winning hottie was finally announced and up-and-comer Sam Claflin is set to be the trident-wielding ex-tribute/current Capitol celebrity.

I will not make any dirty trident jokes. I will not make any dirty trident jokes.

“Aw man all this gazing into the camera really makes my head hurt”

Claflin should look sorta-maybe-kinda-familiar. No, he’s not the guy the played the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network. He is on the other hand, the missionary that fell in love with a mermaid in Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides. Oh yeah, that guy! He also was the Prince Charming to Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman. By next year everyone will definetely remember who he is thanks to a very well placed fishing net.

The soon-to-be-superstar has been the Finnick front-runner for a little over a month. But, that doesn’t mean he was the only name thrown out there this summer. Robert Pattinson (from that other billion dollar teen-trilogy), Taylor Kitsch (whose 2012 movies accidentally tanked like John Carter and Battleship), Garrett Hedlund  (Tron: Legacy) and Armie Hammer (the actual guy that played the Winklevoss twins) were all said to be frontrunners at some point. Luckily for Claflin he wasn’t a red herring.

So guys ladies, I’m just wondering how the camera can handle Liam Hemsworth and Claflin in the same movie. But then again if the screen didn’t burst into flames during Magic Mike, no one else should have a problem.


Whetting Everyone’s Appetite For The Hunger Games

3 Jan

It’s only January 3rd, but Lionsgate is already preparing to own the year. The Hunger Games is about to take off and it wants you excited, nice and early! The first trailer debuted in November, introducing everyone to the three new celebrities they’ll to be obsessed with until forever. AKA, The People  Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner Throw Darts At In The Spare Time. If you didn’t see the trailer featuring Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique from X-Men: First Class), Liam Hemsworth (Mr. Miley Cyrus) and  Josh Hutcherson (Cirque du Freak and The Kids Are All Right) back in November, watch it below!

This week, Lionsgate reminded every one of their megablockbuster by releasing the first set of official images. A subtle little, “hey! Dont forget how excited you are about this!” from the production company. There’s tons of pictures of Hemsworth’s jaw, Hutcherson’s profile, Woody Harrelson with hair, and lots and lots of Lawrence.

Hard time there, buddy? Photo Credit: Lionsgate

Easier time. Photo Credit: Lionsgate

I wonder if he can cut things with his jaw. He totally can. Photo Credit: Lionsgate

Should this not remind me of Star Wars and A Clockwork Orange? Photo Credit: Lionsgate

Yes, that IS Woody Harrelson in the middle. Photo Credit: Lionsgate

I don't know what part scares me the most. But it all does. A lot. Photo Credit: Lionsgate

Ignoring the terrifying amount of rose in the last picture, Lionsgate is well on its way to getting America hungry for The Hunger Games (yes, I love obvious puns).

Best of 2012: Predictions

31 Dec

Every website has Best of 2011 lists. Want to know the best new show, break out star or movie of the year? Worry not, there are about five hundred lists out there that can help you out, bro. But, I already know everyone and their little sister loves New Girl, Ryan Gosling owned the year (no matter what People says!) and that Bridesmaids changed the whole game. What I’m excited for is next year. So what does 2012 hold in store for pop culture? After heavy IMDb research and Googling, here are my predictions for The Year That The World Totally Ends 2012.

2012 People’s Sexiest Man Alive Contenders  

1) Michael Fassbender

After a breakout year (seriously, check ANY list) of sex addiction, Carl Jung and mutant powers, Fassbender is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Next year he’ll only be in one movie, Ridley Scott’s Alien semi-prequel Prometheus, but you’ll see him on every red carpet. All Bradley Cooper had to do was star in a disappointing sequel and speak French once to win the title. Fassy can pull this one off. Especially since Prometheus’ debut is months away, but with a mysterious minute long trailer, Scott’s prequel has a ton of buzz.

2) Channing Tatum

The key to a Sexiest Man Alive win is usually to be super popular and have at least one hit under your belt for the year. Tatum has four movies out next year and at least one should make bank. This is his chance to prove he has true star power (and can bring in money) with comedy 21 Jump Street and his first adult romcom The Vow.

2) Taylor Kitsch

Kitsch, like Tatum, is a little young for the position of Sexiest but he sure does deserve it. He also has prospective hits coming out this year, like John Carter, where I’m vaguely sure he wears about nothing, and Savages with Blake Lively as his “shared girlfriend.” I’m most excited to see him in Battleship, which will hopefully ride the Transformers wave to millions at the box-office.

Breakout Ingenue 

Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence started to make a name for herself  starring in X-Men: First Class and Sundance favorite Like Crazy. This year expect to see her everywhere. Movie posters, commercials, magazine covers, talk shows, anywhere and everywhere. Lawrence is playing Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of The Hunger Games. If you don’t know what those are yet, don’t worry you will. Just like you never expected to care about sparkly vampires or werewolves with washboard abs.

Hottest Summer Movies

May: The Avengers

After blockbuster Marvel hit after blockbuster Marvel hit, Marvel Studios will probably self destruct if The Avengers isn’t a hit. But who isn’t going to want to see Thor, Iron Man, Cap, and the Hulk all on one screen? Or Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Mark Ruffalo, for that matter?

June: Snow White And The Huntsmen

With the Snow White vs. Snow White buzz for Huntsmen, it’s going to do well. But this version has something the Julia Roberts lead Mirror Mirror doesn’t: tween megastar Kristen Stewart. Huntsmen is Stewart’s first lead role without a fellow Twilight-er (see: The Runaways) since Twimania began. Everybody and their Twilight obsessed mom is going to want to see how she does. The June movie also features a fabulously dark Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth without the cape.

July: The Dark Knight Rises (Duh)

The end of the greatest superhero franchise of all time. Tons of mystery surrounding the plot and everything else. Totally sweet set photos floating around the interwebs. An even sweeter trailer that was recently released.The previous film holding every box-office  record ever. I can’t even wait to hear the opening day results.

August: Warm Bodies

Nope, no trailer. But there’s a creepy promo picture of Nick Hoult instead.

August is filled with maybe hits. There’s The Movies Your Dad Will Totally See, like The Bourne Legacy, Total Recall and The Expendables 2 and then, there’s Warm Bodies. It’s my dark horse, but I see it going far. Warm Bodies falls into the Zombieland created category of Zombiepocalypse Love Story. And if you remember, Zombieland did wonderfully. It’s perfect for end-of-the-summer moviegoing, like Fright Night was for 2011.  But hopefully with better advertising.

It’s About Time He Reaches His Potential  

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Three out of the five (FIVE!!) Gordon-Levitt movies out in 2012 promise to be complete hits; he’s featured in The Dark Knight Rises, Django Unchained and Lincoln. Unchained is Quentin Tarantino’s 1800’s set slave-turned-bounty-hunter western (it’s a mouthful, I know), while Lincoln is (you guessed it!) the Abe Lincoln biopic with Daniel Day Lewis in the title role. Both already have Oscar buzz. While Gordon-Levitt has supporting roles in those three films, he’s starring in both Looper, as a young Bruce Willis, and Premium Rush, as a bike messenger on the run. I’m guessing that 2012 does to JGL what 2011 did for RyGos, breaking up street fights included.

2012 looks like it’s going to be a great year for entertainment. Not only will everything on this list be awesome, next year promises Tom Cruise as an 80’s rock superstar (Rock of Ages), the end of an era (Breaking Dawn Part II), the beginning of an era (The Amazing Spider-Man) and whatever you want to call Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (not lead by Daniel Day Lewis).