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Game of Thrones’ King Beyond The Wall Is Crowned

18 Aug

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan (and if you’re not, you should be), you’re probably dying. With only ten new episodes a year, HBO inflicts a very unique form of cruel and unusual punishment. Personally, any scrap of season 3 news thrills me to pieces (I’ve never used that phrase in my life). Like, this week the most buzzed about new character was finally cast: Mance Rayder, the King Beyond The Wall.  Irish actor Ciarán Hinds has been chosen to play the Wilding leader.

Because if there’s anything Game of Thrones needs, it’s another king and a new cast member.

Silly Wildling traditions…

But seriously, I’m so excited to see Mance next year. As opposed to last season, Jon Snow will actually do stuff instead of just pouting in the snow for ten hours. A lot of that is thanks to the Wildlings and especially Mance. As an ex-Night’s Watch member turned king, he’s everything Jon Snow could become. Mance’s goal is to break down The Wall and (semi spoiler alert) find the mythological Horn of Winter to do it. He’s smart, charismatic and the only guy that could unite all the Wildlings for a single cause.

Hinds is perfect for the role. He’s already played Julius Caesar (Rome, pictured aboveand a fictional former US President (Political Animals) -Westerosi savage king will be a piece of cake. Now, all we have to do is wait until March 31, 2013 when season 3 starts to see Mance and the fifteenish other new characters. Unless of course the world ends this December, wouldn’t that be unfortunate?

Ser Poutsalot hates it when Wildlings threaten the realms of men.


Supernatural Season 8: Wishful Thinking

4 Aug

I did this last year, and I thought it would be fun to try again. Although I’m clearly obsessed with Game of Thrones, I love it like a shinny new toy. Supernatural on the other hand is like a very old best friend. I’ve grown up with it. I know almost everything about it.
It know it sounds #corny, but  if it wasn’t for Supernatural I probably wouldn’t be where I am right now. All the entertainment reading, spoiler finding and IMDb prowess I have came from watching Supernatural. It was the first show that was my favorite. It wasn’t on some kids channel. It wasn’t something my parents watched. I had found it all by myself (from a bus ad while going to school). The 2005 show was my 13-year-old self’s way of starting to make her own identity: I wouldn’t even let my parents watch it because I wanted it all to myself (and they still don’t). Middle schoolers have really weird ideas if you didn’t know.

Yes, this is what 8th grade Ariana saw. Yes, this is what she fell in love with.

It’s crazy to me that I’m starting my junior year of college, and Supernatural is still on my television. After the Winchester brothers have been literally to hell-and-back (and now one of them is in Purgatory), it’s hard to see where else they can go. The eighth season is Raiders of the Lost Ark themed” according to basically everyone involved with the show. Last year’s Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid theme shone through in some places better than others (a lot less of the law, a lot more douche-y leviathans) so lets hope this one works out a little bit better.

So with all the spoilers and interviews floating around, what am I looking forward to?

A well developed female character 
The last time a recurring actress was on Supernatural, Sam (Jared Padalecki) still had his soul in tact. Remember Lisa? She was kind of forced on us and just a metaphor for Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) idea of “happiness” and “the American Dream” but she was pretty cool for herself. This time Sam will have a love interest and hopefully he won’t accidentally kill her. Word to the wise: don’t have sex with Sam Winchester and expect survive. Ask  Jessica. Or Madison. Or Ruby. Oh wait you can’t. They’re all dead.
But seriously though, I’m excited for this new lady love Amelia. Their relationship will all/mostly be in flashbacks and she seems like a kindred spirit for the younger Winchester. Both are kind of damaged and the writers have to make her great- everyone knows how hard the fan-base is on the women in a Winchesters life.

Sam The Retired Hunter
Gigantor the Talking Moose has really hung up his gun and given up on the hunting life. He thinks that everyone he’s ever loved is dead, what else could he do? We saw Dean try this out in season 6 and how epically he failed at living The Normal Life. It’ll be interesting to see how Sam deals with his break from saving the world daily.
I hope it’s a lot better than the way Dean’s story was handled. Season 6’s premiere episode, “Exile On Main St,” is probably one of my least favorite episodes of the entire series, and the first 9 of the season are kind of a snooze. Hopefully the storyline is a lot closer to how 4 started out (which happens to be my favorite season) but without the demon blood addiction.

You can call them Samelia for short

Awesome purgatory stuff 
Dean’s the most badass hunter in the whole world, ever. He’s awesome. And then he got dropped off in Purgatory filled with every creature he’s ever killed and then like a million more. Of course he’s going to get out this, but the fun part is seeing how he does it. Or rather flashing back to it. I think Dean will come back a much stronger hunter and a more mature guy. It would be fabulous if he could keep his winning charm and wit, I can’t take a serious Dean.

A Semi-Normal Cas
Last seasons Cas (Misha Collins) was… different. It was nice having him around, but I’m over Cas-the Flower-Child. Really, who wants that guy around for another season or two? Nobdoy. I could go for a Season 5ish Castiel with a dash of last season. I also wouldn’t mind actually seeing him covered in bees, and I suspect Collins would be down to try that out.

Does he use “Battleship” to tell people he’s arguing with them?

Really strong storylines
I wanted it last year and only kind of got it. Episodes were pretty great on an individual basis but pretty disjointed when you consider them all together. This time around we have season 3-5 writer/producer Jeremy Carver back as the new captain of the ship/showrunner. He made Being Human, a legitimate show on Syfy (which is no easy task), and wrote classic episodes like “A Very Supernatural Christmas” and “Point of No Return.” Carver definitely has it in him to push Supernatural to its full potential and dig it out from the mountains of mythology it’s under. According to this Huffington Post interview, that one of his biggest goals. And thank God.

Bobby (Jim Beaver) coming back 
It’s bound to happen.

John (Jeffery Dean Morgan) coming back
Haha. Haha. That’s never going to happen for some reason. But it’s nice to dream isn’t it? Jeffery Dean Morgan says the Supernatural camp has never contacted him. The Supernatural camp says JDM is too busy. I say, awkward.

I mean I wouldn’t have a problem with a young John Winchester either…

Seriously though, is Crowley (Mark Sheppard) a demon?!
There’s a good chance that Sheppard is messing with everyone, but apparently there’s a theory that Crowley isn’t a demon. Surprise! His eyes have never flashed the traditional red of a crossroads demon. And he’s never seemed very… evil? He’s so mysterious.

Okay, I’m done being a fangirl. This ended up being surprisingly long. Now I just have to wait until October 3rd for the season to start…

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream For TV Scream?

4 Jun

Sometimes, networks make logical decisions with the television shows they develop. Those networks are usually called ABC or CBS, but at least it’s something. And then, there are the moves that make negative sense. MTV just pulled one of those ninja moves on us. I don’t know why, but expect to see Scream: The Series in the near future.

At least costuming will be cheap.

I guess, reality-giant MTV is banking on the success of movie-to-TV semi-hit Teen Wolf. The “horror” show has survived off of viewers who went in to mock the hottie-filled Wolf only to get hooked on Colton HaynesScream 4 only made $40 million domestically and I’m pretty sure anything without fangs, fur, or a hunger for brains isn’t trendy yet. Although I’m pretty skeptical, I’m actually excited to watch Scream develop. I mean who thought this was ever going to happen? Like, ever?

The masterminds behind the original Scream films, Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven, have yet to have their roles in the project (if any) discussed. Craven isn’t currently up to anything, while Williamson is executive producer and “developer” to actual hit The Vampire Diaries. We do know that MTV producers Tony DiSanto and Liz Gately are on board. DiSanto and Gately have both worked on Paris Hilton’s My New BFFso I guess they are good at terrifying audiences. That’s promising.

I find this way scarier than a masked serial killer. Don’t you?

SNL Is Turning Into A Lonely Island

2 Jun

When Kristen Wiig decided to leave Saturday Night Live, that was hard enough. Her graduation sketch was mildly heart breaking and I had “Ruby Tuesday” stuck in my head for about  a week. But at least all of her fans had the chance to enjoy a cathartic good-bye (and I made a sweet gallery of her best characters at my internship #ObviousSelfPromotion).
But, there were two other comedians on that stage rumored to be leaving as well. Jason Sudeikis (who’s been at SNL since 2003) and one of my favorites, Andy Samberg (who joined the cast in 2005). Unfortunately, one of them has made his decision and it’s Samberg.  Yes, the creator of Digital Shorts like “I’m On A Boat” and “Jack Sparrow” is leaving SNL. Hopefully, The Lonely Island does come back for the occasional video.

“Sorry, guys…”

Yesterday, Samberg told the New York Times he had officially decided not to return.  The funny man described the move as “one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made,” but felt similarly to Wiig. ““She kept saying it just feels like it’s her time, I connect with that. Something about it just feels like it’s the moment.” Why do all the good ones have to go at the same time?!
Samberg has the Adam Sandler lead comedy Thats’s My Boy coming out this month, and two other movies completed. With so much time on his hands, I hope to see him in a lot more projects.
I’ll just thank my lucky stars that Bill Hader hasn’t decided to leave yet. Although, he should start doing more movies since he’s kind of the funniest person ever. Plus, he totally had the best line in Men In Black 3 as Andy Warhol.

“I can’t tell the men from the women, K.”

The ball is in your court now, Jason Sudeikis.

Network Updates: ABC Has Single Moms, Musicals, and A Full Schedules

13 May

This time around, I’m giving ABC its due. It’s a good thing I waited a little while, because the network has been pretty busy the last couple of days.

I’m confused how ABC has as many shows as it does. But, it has a lot. And many of them were renewed. Basically, all of the comedies will keep America laughing into 2012-2013. Romero family favorite Modern Family was renewed along with the rest of ABC’s Wednesday night, including The Middle, Suburgatory, Happy Endings and Revenge. Tim Allen still gets to stay on television Last Man Standing too.

You know what they say about the family that plays in the mud together…

Reality fare The Bachelor (will it ever run out of steam?), Dancing With The Stars, Shark Tank, and Wife Swap will return as well. ABC hasn’t forgotten about its dramas either keeping Castle, Body of Proof, Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy around. Although Once Upon A Time doesn’t really fall into a category, every fairy tale character you’ve read about will be around in the fall too.

Please come back to “Once.” Please, calm back!

Newbies Scandal and Don’t Trust the B—– in Apt. 23 will also have next season to prove their worth.

Despite the load of shows ABC renewed, the network has a bunch of new ones as well. Where will they put them all? Nuclear-missile thriller Last Resort is definitely the most macho of ABC’s pickups, everything else is for the ladies.

Reba McEntire returns to TV with musical comedy Malibu County. McEntire plays a single mom trying to restart her  singing career in the den of iniquity that is Malibu. Connie Britton joins in on the musical trend with Nashville. Britton plays a singer at her peak while fellow songstress Hayden Panettiere is on the rise. Comedy How To Live With Your Parents For The Rest Of Your Life is about a single mom (like County), who moves in with her eccentric parents. ABC’s last comedy doesn’t involve single moms, but is about family… Family Tools to be exact. In Tools, a man picks up the family repairs business while putting his dreams on hold.

“I’ll be seein’ya America.”

Two supernatural/fantasy series will join the ranks of renewed Once Upon A Time. The first is 666 Park Avenue, which follows a young couple unwittingly managing the apartment building from Hell. Actually. I wonder how many jokes will be made about New York City realty in Park (“so perfect you would sell your soul!”). Switching to New Jersey, Neighbors is the story of a human family living in gated community filled with aliens disguised as humans. Oh so that explains Real Housewives: New Jersey

ABC does have two solid dramas as well. One is Zero Hour, which centers on the editor of a skeptics magazine and finally finds himself in a real life conspiracy theory…. That must be awkward for him… The other drama is Red Widow. In Widow, a woman joins dafamlybizness to avenge her husband’s death (#MoreSingleMoms).

This is obviously the face of a scary crime boss

Although ABC doesn’t seem especially interested in having room in the schedule, they’ve had to cut somebody. I’ve unfortunately had to say good-bye to personal guilty pleasures: Pan Am and GCB. Tears all around. I’m none too upset about losing including the short-lived Missing or The River. Man Up, Charlie’s Angels and Work It have also officially been cancelled.

I’m going to miss you and your bright colors so darn much!


Network Upfronts: Diaries, Disney and DC Comics

11 May

Yesterday, I said that ABC was next up at bat. I lied. Sorry guys! ABC was pretty crazy today so let’s do something easy first, okay? Cool. Semi-network The CW it is!


Last week, I was lucky enough to hear that Supernatural was renewed for it’s eighth season. Yayyyy! Along with Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and 90210 received early call backs. Hart of Dixie, Nikita (#surprise!) and Gossip Girl will also officially survive another season. Although, upcoming season six will be Gossip Girl’s final one. You’re on to bigger and better things Blake Lively! Hopefully, one will less confusion with toddlers or Little Ponies.

When you get renewed, try to look as dissatisfied as possible.


The CW went a little pick up crazy today. Maybe not as bananas as NBC, but pretty darn pick up crazy. The CW’s buzziest pilot, The Carrie Diaries is set to be a dream come true for sorority girls everywhere hit your TV this fall. Diaries is the TV adaptation of Candace Bushnell’s Sex and The City prequel of the same name. I can see the Seventeen covers already.

It’s like the original. But with weirder styling.

Pedowitz also picked up two pilots I’ve been looking forward to, Arrow and Cult. Although Smallville ended its ten season run last year, The CW has moved onto a newer shinier DC caped crusader (and this time with green leather), the Green Arrow. Cult follows the serial killer trend started by NBC’s Hannibal. In the drama, a production assistant investigates her show’s “rapid fans” with a blogger. Recreated crime scenes, disappearances and possible murders ensue. Supernatural pairing, anyone?

Well, you’re not Justin Hartley…

Beauty and the Beast will also join the network along with medical drama First Cut.


With all these renewals and pick up’s, the ax had to drop on someone. This time, it was Sarah Michelle Gellar and Thomas Dekker’s neck on the line. Hovering around the million mark didn’t help very much The Secret Circle and Ringer.

Sarah Michelle Gellar should find a new project with Other Sarah Michelle Gellar ASAP.

With so many hyped shows this fall… Maybe, the 2012-2013 season won’t be so bad for the CW. A girl can dream right?

Network Upfronts: May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

11 May

When the lights went out in the Kodak Theater and everyone went to get smashed at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party, I felt lost. Awards season was officially over. What was there to tweet about? What was there to speculate over? Nothing. And then I realized that The World As I Knew It was not over. There was a glimmer of hope. Upfronts were a few short months away.

They also kinda made it better.

Upfronts (for those that don’t obsessively read entertainment news) are when networks trot out their fall schedules to a hungry press and concerned advertisers. There are lots of fancy shmancy New York parties. But, it’s the week before that’s really fun. Buzzy pilots get season orders. Failing shows finally get sent to that big TV in the sky. Bubble shows find out their fate. If there were ever a time that gave show runners grey hair, it would be right about now.

So who should we expect to see this fall… and who should start looking for a new project pronto?

The  Peacock Network has been on a roll this week. It’s picked up a ton of comedies along with a few dramas.

My favorite pilot of the season, action-thriller Revolution from Eric Kripke (Supernatural Creator) and J.J. Abrams (Everything creator), was picked up(WOOOOO). It’s joining fellow freshman dramas Chicago Fire, Jekyll and Hyde inspired Do No Harm and the buzzy soap Infamous. 

Now, iss the entire “Revolution” wardrobe camo… or was it just for the promo pictures?

Anne Heche and Matthew Perry return to network TV with comedies Save Me and Go On, respectively. For the sake of their egos, lets hope this actually works out (looking at you Mr. Sunshine). NBC also picked up White House comedy 1600 Penn, vet comedy Animal Practice, gay-couple-and-a-surragate comedy The New Normal and man-children-with-children comedy Guys With Kids. NBC Entertainment president Robert Greenblatt really thinks we need to laugh. A lot.

Does NBC have only one hair guy for all its new shows?

Although, to balance all that laughter out, serial killer drama Hannibal was picked up in February.

With terrible season ratings ten new shows, it’s hard to believe NBC is bringing anything back. But, there are a few old standby’s that are lucky enough to survive. Both 30 Rock and Community were renewed for 13 episode seasons. But, upcoming season seven will be Liz Lemon and Co.’s last hurrah. 30 Rock and Community join Parenthood, Law and Order: SVUGrimm and Smash in the winners circle.

Or by not being on television.

We’re still waiting for news on fan-and-critic-favorite Parks and Rec. If Twitter breaks, we’ll know NBC made a decision.

Since that was a ton of information, I’ll wait  a bit to throw more upfronts news at you. ABC is up next!

Update: Parks and Recreation was renewed for a 22 episode season, so everyone can calm down now. Up All Night was also renewed along with Whitney (#surprise!). Dane Cook will also be making his network television series debut with yet another NBC comedy, Next Caller Please. 

There do have to be some losers though. Womp womp. May we have a moment of silence for Harry’s Law, Are You There, Chelsea?, Awake and Best Friends Forever.