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Supernatural Season 8: Wishful Thinking

4 Aug

I did this last year, and I thought it would be fun to try again. Although I’m clearly obsessed with Game of Thrones, I love it like a shinny new toy. Supernatural on the other hand is like a very old best friend. I’ve grown up with it. I know almost everything about it.
It know it sounds #corny, but  if it wasn’t for Supernatural I probably wouldn’t be where I am right now. All the entertainment reading, spoiler finding and IMDb prowess I have came from watching Supernatural. It was the first show that was my favorite. It wasn’t on some kids channel. It wasn’t something my parents watched. I had found it all by myself (from a bus ad while going to school). The 2005 show was my 13-year-old self’s way of starting to make her own identity: I wouldn’t even let my parents watch it because I wanted it all to myself (and they still don’t). Middle schoolers have really weird ideas if you didn’t know.

Yes, this is what 8th grade Ariana saw. Yes, this is what she fell in love with.

It’s crazy to me that I’m starting my junior year of college, and Supernatural is still on my television. After the Winchester brothers have been literally to hell-and-back (and now one of them is in Purgatory), it’s hard to see where else they can go. The eighth season is Raiders of the Lost Ark themed” according to basically everyone involved with the show. Last year’s Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid theme shone through in some places better than others (a lot less of the law, a lot more douche-y leviathans) so lets hope this one works out a little bit better.

So with all the spoilers and interviews floating around, what am I looking forward to?

A well developed female character 
The last time a recurring actress was on Supernatural, Sam (Jared Padalecki) still had his soul in tact. Remember Lisa? She was kind of forced on us and just a metaphor for Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) idea of “happiness” and “the American Dream” but she was pretty cool for herself. This time Sam will have a love interest and hopefully he won’t accidentally kill her. Word to the wise: don’t have sex with Sam Winchester and expect survive. Ask  Jessica. Or Madison. Or Ruby. Oh wait you can’t. They’re all dead.
But seriously though, I’m excited for this new lady love Amelia. Their relationship will all/mostly be in flashbacks and she seems like a kindred spirit for the younger Winchester. Both are kind of damaged and the writers have to make her great- everyone knows how hard the fan-base is on the women in a Winchesters life.

Sam The Retired Hunter
Gigantor the Talking Moose has really hung up his gun and given up on the hunting life. He thinks that everyone he’s ever loved is dead, what else could he do? We saw Dean try this out in season 6 and how epically he failed at living The Normal Life. It’ll be interesting to see how Sam deals with his break from saving the world daily.
I hope it’s a lot better than the way Dean’s story was handled. Season 6’s premiere episode, “Exile On Main St,” is probably one of my least favorite episodes of the entire series, and the first 9 of the season are kind of a snooze. Hopefully the storyline is a lot closer to how 4 started out (which happens to be my favorite season) but without the demon blood addiction.

You can call them Samelia for short

Awesome purgatory stuff 
Dean’s the most badass hunter in the whole world, ever. He’s awesome. And then he got dropped off in Purgatory filled with every creature he’s ever killed and then like a million more. Of course he’s going to get out this, but the fun part is seeing how he does it. Or rather flashing back to it. I think Dean will come back a much stronger hunter and a more mature guy. It would be fabulous if he could keep his winning charm and wit, I can’t take a serious Dean.

A Semi-Normal Cas
Last seasons Cas (Misha Collins) was… different. It was nice having him around, but I’m over Cas-the Flower-Child. Really, who wants that guy around for another season or two? Nobdoy. I could go for a Season 5ish Castiel with a dash of last season. I also wouldn’t mind actually seeing him covered in bees, and I suspect Collins would be down to try that out.

Does he use “Battleship” to tell people he’s arguing with them?

Really strong storylines
I wanted it last year and only kind of got it. Episodes were pretty great on an individual basis but pretty disjointed when you consider them all together. This time around we have season 3-5 writer/producer Jeremy Carver back as the new captain of the ship/showrunner. He made Being Human, a legitimate show on Syfy (which is no easy task), and wrote classic episodes like “A Very Supernatural Christmas” and “Point of No Return.” Carver definitely has it in him to push Supernatural to its full potential and dig it out from the mountains of mythology it’s under. According to this Huffington Post interview, that one of his biggest goals. And thank God.

Bobby (Jim Beaver) coming back 
It’s bound to happen.

John (Jeffery Dean Morgan) coming back
Haha. Haha. That’s never going to happen for some reason. But it’s nice to dream isn’t it? Jeffery Dean Morgan says the Supernatural camp has never contacted him. The Supernatural camp says JDM is too busy. I say, awkward.

I mean I wouldn’t have a problem with a young John Winchester either…

Seriously though, is Crowley (Mark Sheppard) a demon?!
There’s a good chance that Sheppard is messing with everyone, but apparently there’s a theory that Crowley isn’t a demon. Surprise! His eyes have never flashed the traditional red of a crossroads demon. And he’s never seemed very… evil? He’s so mysterious.

Okay, I’m done being a fangirl. This ended up being surprisingly long. Now I just have to wait until October 3rd for the season to start…


I’m Sorry I’m Such A Fangirl

30 Jul

Please try to deal with this over the top Supernatural Post. If you want to ever think I’m cool please do not continue reading.

Okay now that I’ve read every possible syllable written about Supernatural’s introduction to Hall H at ComicCon, I guess I should be an adult and write a real blog about it. Instead of an insomnia ridden fangirl word spew, yaknow? Yaknow.

As usual the Powers-That-Be (Angel reference. Yeah Cordelia, yeeeah) over at Supernatural are tight lipped and mysterious on the horror hit’s seventh season. Jared Padalecki was semi-smoothly trying to answer questions without actually telling the hungry public a darn thing in most interviews. Jensen Ackles got off a little easier though. He was lucky enough to talk about his second shot at directing. Look forward to episode 07.03!

Faces Only A Mother Could Love.

Now that all that fresh news is over flowing in the Supernatural folder of my brain… What Does Ariana Want To See From Season 7 of Supernatural?

-Redemption for Castiel

A lot of people out in the fandom are convinced/excited/worried about Castiel dying. I’m a member of the Worried Camp. Here’s a character the writers made us love. Yeah, he may have gotten a God complex somewhere along the way…but the Road to Hell and all that. I want to see redemption for a character that has become just as much a part of the Winchester family as Bobby Singer.  I don’t want a premature and absurd death for my favorite angel. And I swear to God houses will be burned down if he explodes from all those “nuclear reactor souls.”


My favorite season is, and always will be, season 4. So, I’m all for division and drama when it comes to Winchesters. But after the hellish season of Soulless Sam, anyone else remember that time he tried to kill Bobby, I want my boys back together. On the road, eating pie and drinking beer together.

Saving People, Hunting Things, The Damn Family Business

Post episode 6.08 the writers truly got into the swing of things. Going from the freakin’ apocalypse to Sam-Really-Isn’t-Acting-Like-Sam-And-Isn’t-Their-Grandpa-Annoying was a hard thing to do as a writer and to enjoy as a viewer. The noir theme went well enough but I want the boys doing what they do best. Killin’ some evil sons’a bitches and raisin’ a little Hell. I want monsters shot in the face and vampires staked like there’s no tomorrow. With the insane amounts of mythology they’ve packed into six years a simple story may seem ridiculous, but the writers are talented. They can make a Monster of The Week Episode into something epic. I would love to see the Alpha Vampire come back since he was badass.

‘Nough said? Yeah. Don’t kill him off. More awkward kissing with Bobby and sass. Please and thank you.

A Spaceship
Insane. I know, don’t worry. But Exec-producer Ben Edlund digs the idea. Which means I dig the idea, a lot. If anyone can put the Winchesters in Space it’s that guy.

The Musical Episode

Everybody wants it. You want it too, you just haven’t realized it yet. Sam and Dean dancing and singing, all while offing djinn. Bobby curmudgeonly getting his groove on. Crowley giving us a feisty number in a well cut suit or maybe doing a duet with Cas. You know we’d all pay to see that.

Strong Stories

I want episodes I remember. The ones I remember the ending, name, and number of. Not another Mannequin 3: The Reckoning. Seriously though, who thought that was a totally awesome idea? These writers know how to tell stories that matter. They can do things like Frontierland, The French Mistake and The Man Who Would Be King. I don’t want them wasting ink on more episodes like All Dogs Go To Heaven.

The End

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the season coming that definetly shouldn’t exist. The season where there’s nowhere else to go for the Winchesters. Every monster’s been killed. Every rogue angel put in a cage. Every slice of pie eaten. I’m terrified of the season where the Boys are just driving around in the Impala looking for something, anything to do. So I want the show I love to end on a high note.  With good ratings, great stories and some Wayward Sons Carrying On.

Saving People, Hunting Things, Keeping Me Up Way Too Late

27 Jul

God, A Moose, and My Future Husband at ComicCon

If you knew me, you’d know it’s amazing that I have yet to write some sort of long, drawn out, freakishly excited blog about my hopes, dreams and fears for life season 7 of Supernatural. Which is probably bigger than my life itself, anyway. With it’s Sundance and Butch Cassidy theme. And the anticipated death of Angel-Turned-New-God Castiel. And a very lost, scared and broken Sam. Oh And Dean Winchester in general. Plus apparently there are some big plans for everyone’s favorite King-of-Hell-in-the-Body-of-a-NYC-Book-Publisher, Crowley. Oh wow, it seems I’m starting that excessively fangirlish blog post at this very second. I should save this for a time when I’m not writing at 3:30am.