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Supernatural Season 8: Wishful Thinking

4 Aug

I did this last year, and I thought it would be fun to try again. Although I’m clearly obsessed with Game of Thrones, I love it like a shinny new toy. Supernatural on the other hand is like a very old best friend. I’ve grown up with it. I know almost everything about it.
It know it sounds #corny, but  if it wasn’t for Supernatural I probably wouldn’t be where I am right now. All the entertainment reading, spoiler finding and IMDb prowess I have came from watching Supernatural. It was the first show that was my favorite. It wasn’t on some kids channel. It wasn’t something my parents watched. I had found it all by myself (from a bus ad while going to school). The 2005 show was my 13-year-old self’s way of starting to make her own identity: I wouldn’t even let my parents watch it because I wanted it all to myself (and they still don’t). Middle schoolers have really weird ideas if you didn’t know.

Yes, this is what 8th grade Ariana saw. Yes, this is what she fell in love with.

It’s crazy to me that I’m starting my junior year of college, and Supernatural is still on my television. After the Winchester brothers have been literally to hell-and-back (and now one of them is in Purgatory), it’s hard to see where else they can go. The eighth season is Raiders of the Lost Ark themed” according to basically everyone involved with the show. Last year’s Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid theme shone through in some places better than others (a lot less of the law, a lot more douche-y leviathans) so lets hope this one works out a little bit better.

So with all the spoilers and interviews floating around, what am I looking forward to?

A well developed female character 
The last time a recurring actress was on Supernatural, Sam (Jared Padalecki) still had his soul in tact. Remember Lisa? She was kind of forced on us and just a metaphor for Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) idea of “happiness” and “the American Dream” but she was pretty cool for herself. This time Sam will have a love interest and hopefully he won’t accidentally kill her. Word to the wise: don’t have sex with Sam Winchester and expect survive. Ask  Jessica. Or Madison. Or Ruby. Oh wait you can’t. They’re all dead.
But seriously though, I’m excited for this new lady love Amelia. Their relationship will all/mostly be in flashbacks and she seems like a kindred spirit for the younger Winchester. Both are kind of damaged and the writers have to make her great- everyone knows how hard the fan-base is on the women in a Winchesters life.

Sam The Retired Hunter
Gigantor the Talking Moose has really hung up his gun and given up on the hunting life. He thinks that everyone he’s ever loved is dead, what else could he do? We saw Dean try this out in season 6 and how epically he failed at living The Normal Life. It’ll be interesting to see how Sam deals with his break from saving the world daily.
I hope it’s a lot better than the way Dean’s story was handled. Season 6’s premiere episode, “Exile On Main St,” is probably one of my least favorite episodes of the entire series, and the first 9 of the season are kind of a snooze. Hopefully the storyline is a lot closer to how 4 started out (which happens to be my favorite season) but without the demon blood addiction.

You can call them Samelia for short

Awesome purgatory stuff 
Dean’s the most badass hunter in the whole world, ever. He’s awesome. And then he got dropped off in Purgatory filled with every creature he’s ever killed and then like a million more. Of course he’s going to get out this, but the fun part is seeing how he does it. Or rather flashing back to it. I think Dean will come back a much stronger hunter and a more mature guy. It would be fabulous if he could keep his winning charm and wit, I can’t take a serious Dean.

A Semi-Normal Cas
Last seasons Cas (Misha Collins) was… different. It was nice having him around, but I’m over Cas-the Flower-Child. Really, who wants that guy around for another season or two? Nobdoy. I could go for a Season 5ish Castiel with a dash of last season. I also wouldn’t mind actually seeing him covered in bees, and I suspect Collins would be down to try that out.

Does he use “Battleship” to tell people he’s arguing with them?

Really strong storylines
I wanted it last year and only kind of got it. Episodes were pretty great on an individual basis but pretty disjointed when you consider them all together. This time around we have season 3-5 writer/producer Jeremy Carver back as the new captain of the ship/showrunner. He made Being Human, a legitimate show on Syfy (which is no easy task), and wrote classic episodes like “A Very Supernatural Christmas” and “Point of No Return.” Carver definitely has it in him to push Supernatural to its full potential and dig it out from the mountains of mythology it’s under. According to this Huffington Post interview, that one of his biggest goals. And thank God.

Bobby (Jim Beaver) coming back 
It’s bound to happen.

John (Jeffery Dean Morgan) coming back
Haha. Haha. That’s never going to happen for some reason. But it’s nice to dream isn’t it? Jeffery Dean Morgan says the Supernatural camp has never contacted him. The Supernatural camp says JDM is too busy. I say, awkward.

I mean I wouldn’t have a problem with a young John Winchester either…

Seriously though, is Crowley (Mark Sheppard) a demon?!
There’s a good chance that Sheppard is messing with everyone, but apparently there’s a theory that Crowley isn’t a demon. Surprise! His eyes have never flashed the traditional red of a crossroads demon. And he’s never seemed very… evil? He’s so mysterious.

Okay, I’m done being a fangirl. This ended up being surprisingly long. Now I just have to wait until October 3rd for the season to start…


‘Tis The Season For The Worst Christmas Movie Ever

19 Dec

It’s A Wonderful Life is my favorite Christmas movie. I watch it every year with my family, and I’ve finally realized it isn’t as long and boring as I thought. Today, I wondered what the worst Christmas movie actually was, and luckily, so did Fandango.
A Fandango poll came out today with the top ten worst Christmas film ever.  Unfortunately, 2006’s horror attempt Black Christmas didn’t make the list. Womp, womp.

He's got 99 problems, but Mrs. Claus ain't one.

But the all around worst Bad Christmas Movie winner, more than made up for it. Santa Claus Conquers The Martians. Let’s repeat that. Santa. Claus. Conquers. The. Martians. That’s a real movie, from 1964. Martians won the poll with 23%  of the vote, beating everyone from second runner up Silent Night, Deadly Night (16%) to number ten Christmas With The Kranks (3%).

According to IMDb, the ’64 film involves “Martians, upset that their children have become obsessed with TV shows from Earth which extol the virtues of Santa Claus, start an expedition to Earth to kidnap the one and only Santa.” Kidnapping of both minors and the elderly, attempted murder, and Christmas Cheer all ensue. As does bubbles, unsettlingly tight costumes, more attempted murder, and some totally tubular tunes.

Need some laughs? Watch the tailer!


What I’ve Learned From: Breaking Dawn Part 1

24 Nov

I’ll be honest. The summer of 2008, I went to Borders just like every other teenage girl who knew how to read and bought Breaking Dawn. Devoured it in days, probably hours, and enjoyed every second of it. Then at some point I realized the err of my ways and stop-drop–rolled off the Twilight Bandwagon. Despite my epiphany, I’ve seen every Twilight Saga film for some darkly comedic reason.

Hey hawtie, 'sup?

Today at 10:40pm I sat down for the most stressful hour-and-fifty minutes of my life. Here are some life lessons the KStew-RPatz-Antichemistry fest taught me, so you don’t have to go through the same discomfort I did.

-When you’re upset bursting out of your house and clothes= best possible idea. Go to Northern Canada. (Do not pass go, do not collect $200)

-Make-out for as long as possible at your wedding. Not going to make anyone uncomfortable. Like dad.

-Speaking of dad… If you’re a cop. And have a gun. And can hunt, your daughter’s husband better be a damn good one.

-A film about Charlie Swan would be far more compelling.

-Remember to brush your teeth, shave and go through all your underwear before you lose It. Hell, go for a swim too.

-Bruises are not a problem after losing said It.

-Playing chess in nautical inspired outfits lower libido. #ProvenFact

-Brazilians can sense vampires better than Americans. (Especially maids)

How are they dancing with a clear vampire 'round them?

-Vampires can go into shock.

-YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BOW TO ANYONE if you’re the grandson of a chief. It’s probably time to break from the pack if you’re asked to.

-If you’re making a health decision that affects every single person that cares about you…listen to no one. Except for the one chick that desperately wants what you have.

-Don’t accept sandwiches from vampires.

-Only saying the word “possibly” makes you part of the cast. Various types of kicking does too.

-Normal pregnancy craving? Blood. Cool. Let’s get a straw.

-An animated skeleton with a broken rib cage can still walk around.

And somehow she was just roaming the house...

– If the demonic vampire baby likes the sound of your voice, s’all good bro.

-Never speak about the birthing scene. Ever. Again.

-STOP. YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH THE BABY. Everybody get OUT. #ImprintingProblems

-Being in love with a baby is totally cool too by the way. Like that pregnancy craving.

-Vampirism is a great alternative to a dye-job and plastic surgery…and color contacts.

At least Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be far less stressful. Just even creepier (#ImprintingProblems) and anti-climactic. I know I’m looking forward to the wisdom that shall be imparted unto me come November 16, 2012, are you?