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Fifty Shades Of What Is Going On In America?

1 May

As per usual, I somehow forgot to blog for just about forever. But hopefully you read my sparkling pop culture column in The Daily Orange instead. Now, what on Earth could bring me back? The fact that I have time again. The week I have until I go home. Christian Grey.
Now if you haven’t checked the New York Times Best Seller List recently (because who reads anymore) you probably don’t know who Christian Grey is. I definitely didn’t until Fifty Shades of Grey became one of the hottest properties in Hollywood this March.

His loose tie says he’s formal… but read to party.

Grey, has been called a lot of things. One of them is “mommy porn.” There are some words I wish I never had to put together, those are two of them. The e-book sensation follows 22ish-year-old-virgin Anastasia Steele who starts an S&M relationship with sexy ginger billionaire Christian Grey (note: more words that shouldn’t go together). There’s a fancy contract in there too with lots of honorifics thrown in. Did I mention it started as Twilight fan fiction? I don’t really know what’s going on in the world.

But, lately every actor worth his devilish grin is throwing his hat in the bondage ring.

Now you have to ask yourself: who screams S&M loving billionaire more?

Last week, Ian Somerhalder said he would “absolutely would be up for” the part of Mr. Christian Grey. He already has had practice as a sexy member of a weird vampire inspired love triangle as Damon in The Vampire Diaries, so that’s a plus. Although, Alexander Skarsgard might give Somerhalder a run for his money. The True Blood vet grinningly said he was “born to play the part,” in an Access Hollywood interview. Skarsgard is also a sexy member of a weird vampire inspired love triangle, this time as vampire Eric on TB. Eric, unlike Damon, already has a kinky dungeon in the basement of his bar, so ten points to TB.

Obviously, Michael Fassbender’s name is being tossed around. But his is on the top of just about every casting sheet, so it doesn’t really count. Hopefully he’ll be too busy trying actually get nominated for an Oscar to play Fake Edward Cullen.

With so many options for Grey, I can’t wait to see whose steely gaze is truly Christian Grey worthy. And will their his hair be as tall as Edward Cullen’s?

Bring this directly to the Hair & Makeup Lady.