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Surprise! There’s a New Superhero Movie

23 Jun

Today is my day off from the four other places I’m writing at this summer. Yes, I said four. I’ve considered chopping my hands off just to force myself to stop writing all together. But, I haven’t picked up the cleaver yet. Instead, I’ll just blog about superhero movies since there’s apparently an unlimited list of them. I predict a year of only superhero movies sometime in the future. Nothing else. I wonder when the Academy will recognize them as a category, it’s only a matter of time.

“And the Oscar goes to: Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in Iron Man: M3tal 7engeance”

A day or two passed without a new superhero property press release (mon dieu!) and one clearly had to be made. A Vulture exclusive  announced that professional Will Smith fan Barry Sonnenfeld (director of the Men In Black trilogy and Wild Wild West) is adapting DC comic The Metal Men. You’ve never heard of it either? Cool, I’m not alone. Metal Men hasn’t been around since the 1960s so that would probably explain it.

Oh those poor costume designers

The Metal Men were created by genius scientist Doc Magnus as cyborgs with the personalities of their namesake elements. There’s five actual cyborg-men in the Metal Men including Gold, the leader of the group, Iron, the strong silent type, Lead, the slow one, Mercury, the hothead who probably shouldn’t have any social contact and Tin with his low self esteem. Platinum is the girl of the Metal Men, so it should probably be renamed the Metal Group or the Metal People… but those sound more like musical ensembles. Tina as she’s called is fiery and incorrectly thinks she’s a Real Girl. Plus she’s obviously in love with her creator because even robots can have an Electra Complex.

Since this is a DC adaptation, who knows when it’ll get made? 2035? The Justice League movie has had more set backs than Lindsay Lohan’s attempt at a stable career (c’mon LiLo, we’re rooting for ya) and that’s something people are actually looking forward to. Sonnenfeld also has six movies in production according to IMDb, one of which sounds like a true winner: Dominion: Dinosaurs vs. Aliens. So, don’t expect to see Will Smith as Gold next summer. Unless, he decides to dip himself and his family in gold to prove that they are in fact the most superior family in America.

Jada’s already started the transformation


Pretty Cool People, Doing Pretty Cool Things

12 Jan

Lately, there hasn’t been anything going on in entertainment. At least nothing I can right more than a sentence about. But, sentences aren’t that bad, are they? No, I don’t think so.


SNL‘s February has been booked by Younger Hollywood’s finest. Channing Tatum is set to host, which should be an interesting test for the actor. Tatum isn’t especially known for his comedic chops. Zooey Deschanel follows the action star on the variety show. I’m looking forward to seeing her play a character that isn’t the Manic Pixie Dream Girl we’re so used to seeing. And possibly in a pair of pants.

They better not put me in pants. You wouldn’t like me when I’m wearing pants.

It’s Always Sunny creator/star Rob McElhenney (Mac) is about to move to the big leagues. And no, I don’t mean he’s about to get a fantasy team and join The League. Even though that would be an awesome cameo. Fox has recently greenlit his pilot, Living Loaded, about a partying blogger turned radio host. The new show is inspired by a book of the same name by author Dan Dunn. McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton (Charlie and Dennis) will executive produce along with Rob Rosell (a Sunny EP).

If I stop creeping you out, will you watch my show?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visited the White House and hung out with Barack Obama. Yes, those are the three main invitees of my dream dinner party.

Completely not allowed in the Oval Office. Ever. Like ever.

Since this week was an obvious dud over in Hollywood, I’m hoping for something livelier next week. Like anything livelier. Because if things don’t pick up how will I ever get a real job? It’s not like I can cover nothing.

(I also do know Beyonce had a baby. But, so does everyone else.)

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ed Jacket

22 Nov

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is arguably the most anticipated film this Awards Season. It has everything that makes a Hollywood darling, an amazing cast (Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara), its roots in an international bestseller, and David Fincher at the helm. But Hollywood isn’t the only one looking make bank from the cash cow dragon.
Swedish retail giant H&M  has a capsule collection coming out December 14 inspired by Tattoo‘s leading lady Lisabeth Salander (Mara).

You're inspired, non?

The thirty item collection will feature boots, accessories and clothing from $4-$199 for the everyday women who want to channel the badass-ness of Lisabeth without the multiple piercings and mohawk.
InStyle talked to the costume designer for Tattoo and the designer of the collection, Trish Summerville.
“Everybody has a little bit of Salander in them. Or everybody wishes they did. The reason people love that character, especially women, is that we all wish we had a little part of that ferociousness in us,” said Summerville.
The most expensive item will be Salander’s iconic motorcycle jacket for $199, but I’m pretty interested in whatever’s on the $4 side of the spectrum.
And most importantly, will Daniel Craig be on sale at my local H&M?

How did the photographer tell the models apart?