Welcome to Ariana Romero’s blog! This fall, the Staten Island native will be a junior magazine journalism and political science major at Syracuse University. Even though she’s getting her degree in  political science, her passion is entertainment. Unfortunately, you can’t major in that.

Pop culture is Candy Land for a nerd-at-heart like she is. Her longest running fight is with her father over “who’s better Batman or Superman” (it’s Batman for the record). She could probably tell you 100+ episodes of Supernatural off of the top of her head (if given adequate time). But, Ari loves summer blockbusters and new TV pilots too. While sorting mail in the BUST Magazine office (where she interned this summer), she somehow still gasped whenever the newest Entertainment Weekly came.

Basically, pop culture is Ari’s world. While most magazine majors’ dream job is Editor-in-Chief, she’s gunning for the Entertainment Director/Editor spot on the masthead. She hopes this is a step in the right/write direction (Ari also loves puns). Plus, she really hopes you like what you read on here. She’d like it if you came to Hollywood Hotline to learn something new, have something weird/exciting to tell your friends and to get a good laugh. Because, boy is Hollywood a weird place.

Other places she writes or has written for…


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