Michael Fassbender’s Going Back To The Future (And Bringing Some Swords)

9 Jul

If you didn’t know this, I love Michael Fassbender. Like a lot. He’s Irish and laughs like a shark and perfect. Also, The Fass may just be the busiest man in Hollywood, he’s like Jessica Chastain but with a famous penis. Currently, he has three movies in progress: the X-Men prequel sequel, a re-teaming with Shame director Steve McQueen, and a Ridley Scott-Brad Pitt-Penelope Cruz thriller. How does he even fit in time for dick jokes?

Sharks take this picture to the dentist.

Well, the Oscar-snubbie (I’m literally never getting over the Academy ignoring Shame) is helming the Assassin’s Creed super blockbuster of the future. AC is a wildly popular video game for everyone that wasn’t sure (like me), with its third installation out in October. The film will star Fassy as a bartender named Desmond Miles (which is appropriately sexy enough for him) who comes from a long line of assassins including those of the Crusades and the Renaissance. Miles can see their crazy blood spurting adventures with some fancypants technology, weaving together past and present. I’m going to assume there’s some classic hero’s journey thrown in there for good measure.

I’m going to die if he has to wear this. Maybe it’s why he decided to produce too.


He has so much [training] to look forward to

AC’s creator Ubisoft is behind the slaughterfest and Fassbender is even producing it. Now, they only have to find a writer, director, distributor… and the Fass also has a pretty full plate right now. Sounds like they’ll be shooting in no time.


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