Django’s Teaser Trailer Unchained

7 Jun

As I’ve said on here before, Fight Club is my favorite movie. But, David Fincher is definitely not my favorite director.  That honor goes to Quentin Tarantino, of Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds fame. I have the Quentin Tarantino and Philosophy book and everything. That man is a genius.

Yes, this is actually a book.

It often feels like Tarantino is chasing his master piece. He clearly thought it was going to be Basterds. The last lines literally spelled it out for us: “I think this might just be my master piece,” drawled by Brad Pitt. Well, QT is taking another shot with Django “The D Is Silent” Unchained.
While the lucky basterds at Cannes saw seven minutes of clips more than two weeks ago, us plebeians had to wait for the teaser trailer that came out yesterday. And was it worth the wait. Take a couple of minutes to enjoy the shotgun fest that is Django Unchained.

That’s the only movie that could get me in a movie theater on Christmas. I mean, how awesome does that look? It’ll be competeing with fellow Christmas baby, The Great Gatsby, but we all know those are two very different demographics (and will create lots of date arguments).

Trailers always leave you with way too many questions and confused observations. Django was no different for me.

  • How many mainstream white directors aren’t actually terrified to touch a slavery story? Let alone write one too?
  • Where has Christoph Waltz been all QT’s life?
  • Who styled Django’s ‘fro? It’s so well coiffed.
  • Was this filmed on the set of Deadwood?!
  •  Wait a freakin’ minute. Leo is staring in to two early Oscar contenders… that are coming out on the same day. You smart basterd.
  • Jamie Foxx you’re surprisingly better than I imagined. I miss Will Smith (first cast as Django) a lot less than I thought I would.
  • Where did that random lake/pond/creek scene come from?
  • Leo, you look like you’re enjoying yourself for once! How exciting!
  • No shotguns were harmed in the shooting of this film.
  • Was that Colonel Sanders? No, but really, was that Col. Sanders?
  • Who actually got Django/Jammie Foxx in a dandy outfit? He looks like E.B on Deadwood.
  • “I like the way you die, boy,” will be on dorm posters everywhere by 2013.

Finish opening those presents early to catch Django Unchained, out this Christmas. Or don’t and do something normal like spending time with your family this holiday season. Totally up to you.


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