SNL Is Turning Into A Lonely Island

2 Jun

When Kristen Wiig decided to leave Saturday Night Live, that was hard enough. Her graduation sketch was mildly heart breaking and I had “Ruby Tuesday” stuck in my head for about  a week. But at least all of her fans had the chance to enjoy a cathartic good-bye (and I made a sweet gallery of her best characters at my internship #ObviousSelfPromotion).
But, there were two other comedians on that stage rumored to be leaving as well. Jason Sudeikis (who’s been at SNL since 2003) and one of my favorites, Andy Samberg (who joined the cast in 2005). Unfortunately, one of them has made his decision and it’s Samberg.  Yes, the creator of Digital Shorts like “I’m On A Boat” and “Jack Sparrow” is leaving SNL. Hopefully, The Lonely Island does come back for the occasional video.

“Sorry, guys…”

Yesterday, Samberg told the New York Times he had officially decided not to return.  The funny man described the move as “one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made,” but felt similarly to Wiig. ““She kept saying it just feels like it’s her time, I connect with that. Something about it just feels like it’s the moment.” Why do all the good ones have to go at the same time?!
Samberg has the Adam Sandler lead comedy Thats’s My Boy coming out this month, and two other movies completed. With so much time on his hands, I hope to see him in a lot more projects.
I’ll just thank my lucky stars that Bill Hader hasn’t decided to leave yet. Although, he should start doing more movies since he’s kind of the funniest person ever. Plus, he totally had the best line in Men In Black 3 as Andy Warhol.

“I can’t tell the men from the women, K.”

The ball is in your court now, Jason Sudeikis.


2 Responses to “SNL Is Turning Into A Lonely Island”

  1. thescatteredlife June 2, 2012 at 2:54 PM #

    For the past few years, SNL has been losing ratings and a strong fan base. With the loss of Andy and Kristen, SNL will probably not be as funny as before.

    • Ariana- Syracuse University June 2, 2012 at 3:12 PM #

      It’s so sad that it’s been losing ratings/its fan base. SNL has been on for almost 40 years, so I hope it does better next season (or at least the one after that). They have some new really funny people like Taran Killam.

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