A Year Later… And Some Change

30 May

It’s been a year and three days since I started this blog, including obvious periods where I totally neglected it and tried to do school work napped instead. I just really, really love naps, guys. This is probably more for me than anyone else, which is why I’m not going to be a jerk and “Publicize” it on social media.


If you talk to me in real life, you know that it boggles my mind how desperately I wanted to be a fashion writer for at least seven years of my life. All that time subscribing to Nylon and W; stalking their mastheads and reading everything I could about fashion closet internships. I was so obsessed. In high school I really did love fashion the best a 17-year-old bridge-and-tunneler could. I wore heels to school every day of my senior year and could pick out an Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 dress in a magazine. One of the bagillion reasons I was obsessed with Syracuse was its Fashion and Beauty Communications Milestone– we even have our own student-run fashion magazine. It was a dream come true.

Platinum hair, 1-foot long mesh bow headband, Urban Outfitters tank top and caged 5-inch heels. The camera in hand makes me even cooler

Then I got there. I loved my magazine major and thought I still loved fashion. Except I didn’t… I think I was in love with the idea of being a fashion writer. But, I couldn’t care less about all the CFDA and HuffPost Style on my Twitter feed. I ignored all of that to get to the fun stuff, like Movieline. And TVline. And Entertainment Weekly.

That was probably a really dumb way to figure out what I’m actually passionate about, but it’s how everything clicked. And for some reason I hadn’t realized that entertainment journalism was just as legitimate as fashion journalism until then. Plus it’s without all that terrible fashion closet grunt work and paranoia about how cool your outfit is (no more of that madness up there). You actually get to write! You see TV pilots early and go to movie premieres. There are tons of other “perks” to being an entertainment writer, but  I’m the only one who would describe them as “awesome.” Unfortunately (or fortunately, I can’t decide) there’s not a lot of pop culture mythology on entertainment writers. There’s no such things as The Devil Goes To Upfronts, so who would think of it as an obvious career path?

A year later, a lot has changed. When I wanted to be a fashion writer I did basically nothing. Probably because I had no idea what the hell to write about… Now I write everyday or at least should. My brain is filled with a terrifying amount of entertainment knowledge. It kind of scares me, how many pilots I could tell you about right now. I once had a dream about how silly it is that two movies named “Lawless” are coming out within a year of each other (one with Shia Labeouf, the other with RyGos). The Oscars weren’t even fun this year! I hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining… or bragging. It’s just weird how much things can change in a year. And how interested neurotically obsessed I am with something I didn’t even think of for almost 19 years.

The idea of writing this post next year weirds me out even more. Hopefully, I’ll be fresh from a semester abroad in London. Maybe, I’ll actually make it to 100 posts on here too. And, I can’t start worrying about next year’s internship yet. I’ve barely hit three weeks at College Candy this year.


I should’ve written this three days ago. But, I was probably too busy watching Deadwood. Seriously, what 19-year-old sorority girl spends her day watching Deadwood? The kind that was legitimately obsessed with Vulture’s “Greatest TV Drama of the Past 25 Years” bracket, that’s who.

And if you read all of that for some reason, I salute you.


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