No Dress, No Problem

16 May

For the longest time, I wanted to be a fashion writer. Then I came to my senses after like seven years of delusions or something. Since then, I haven’t really written about anything fashion-y. Until right now. Except, I don’t think this can be considered fashion. It’s more like dominatrix-DIY. I don’t know, just look.

Who made this?!?!?!? WHO. MADE. THIS.

That’s Micaela Schafer, she’s an “actress” and “model.” You probably didn’t notice (with all the side-boob, thong, weird material action going on) but Schafer wore this “dress” to the Men In Black III premiere (which is why I get to talk about it). You know who likes MIB3? My entire generation Kids. Kids, like these movies. Kids, who probably shouldn’t be seein’ all a that.
I really appreciate that she remembered her watch, though. She may have forgotten her dress. But at least she remembered her watch. If you would like to tell me what this is actually made of, I would love that.

For even more photos of Schafer’s “dress” check out Huffington Post Style.


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