Network Updates: ABC Has Single Moms, Musicals, and A Full Schedules

13 May

This time around, I’m giving ABC its due. It’s a good thing I waited a little while, because the network has been pretty busy the last couple of days.

I’m confused how ABC has as many shows as it does. But, it has a lot. And many of them were renewed. Basically, all of the comedies will keep America laughing into 2012-2013. Romero family favorite Modern Family was renewed along with the rest of ABC’s Wednesday night, including The Middle, Suburgatory, Happy Endings and Revenge. Tim Allen still gets to stay on television Last Man Standing too.

You know what they say about the family that plays in the mud together…

Reality fare The Bachelor (will it ever run out of steam?), Dancing With The Stars, Shark Tank, and Wife Swap will return as well. ABC hasn’t forgotten about its dramas either keeping Castle, Body of Proof, Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy around. Although Once Upon A Time doesn’t really fall into a category, every fairy tale character you’ve read about will be around in the fall too.

Please come back to “Once.” Please, calm back!

Newbies Scandal and Don’t Trust the B—– in Apt. 23 will also have next season to prove their worth.

Despite the load of shows ABC renewed, the network has a bunch of new ones as well. Where will they put them all? Nuclear-missile thriller Last Resort is definitely the most macho of ABC’s pickups, everything else is for the ladies.

Reba McEntire returns to TV with musical comedy Malibu County. McEntire plays a single mom trying to restart her  singing career in the den of iniquity that is Malibu. Connie Britton joins in on the musical trend with Nashville. Britton plays a singer at her peak while fellow songstress Hayden Panettiere is on the rise. Comedy How To Live With Your Parents For The Rest Of Your Life is about a single mom (like County), who moves in with her eccentric parents. ABC’s last comedy doesn’t involve single moms, but is about family… Family Tools to be exact. In Tools, a man picks up the family repairs business while putting his dreams on hold.

“I’ll be seein’ya America.”

Two supernatural/fantasy series will join the ranks of renewed Once Upon A Time. The first is 666 Park Avenue, which follows a young couple unwittingly managing the apartment building from Hell. Actually. I wonder how many jokes will be made about New York City realty in Park (“so perfect you would sell your soul!”). Switching to New Jersey, Neighbors is the story of a human family living in gated community filled with aliens disguised as humans. Oh so that explains Real Housewives: New Jersey

ABC does have two solid dramas as well. One is Zero Hour, which centers on the editor of a skeptics magazine and finally finds himself in a real life conspiracy theory…. That must be awkward for him… The other drama is Red Widow. In Widow, a woman joins dafamlybizness to avenge her husband’s death (#MoreSingleMoms).

This is obviously the face of a scary crime boss

Although ABC doesn’t seem especially interested in having room in the schedule, they’ve had to cut somebody. I’ve unfortunately had to say good-bye to personal guilty pleasures: Pan Am and GCB. Tears all around. I’m none too upset about losing including the short-lived Missing or The River. Man Up, Charlie’s Angels and Work It have also officially been cancelled.

I’m going to miss you and your bright colors so darn much!



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