Network Upfronts: May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

11 May

When the lights went out in the Kodak Theater and everyone went to get smashed at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party, I felt lost. Awards season was officially over. What was there to tweet about? What was there to speculate over? Nothing. And then I realized that The World As I Knew It was not over. There was a glimmer of hope. Upfronts were a few short months away.

They also kinda made it better.

Upfronts (for those that don’t obsessively read entertainment news) are when networks trot out their fall schedules to a hungry press and concerned advertisers. There are lots of fancy shmancy New York parties. But, it’s the week before that’s really fun. Buzzy pilots get season orders. Failing shows finally get sent to that big TV in the sky. Bubble shows find out their fate. If there were ever a time that gave show runners grey hair, it would be right about now.

So who should we expect to see this fall… and who should start looking for a new project pronto?

The  Peacock Network has been on a roll this week. It’s picked up a ton of comedies along with a few dramas.

My favorite pilot of the season, action-thriller Revolution from Eric Kripke (Supernatural Creator) and J.J. Abrams (Everything creator), was picked up(WOOOOO). It’s joining fellow freshman dramas Chicago Fire, Jekyll and Hyde inspired Do No Harm and the buzzy soap Infamous. 

Now, iss the entire “Revolution” wardrobe camo… or was it just for the promo pictures?

Anne Heche and Matthew Perry return to network TV with comedies Save Me and Go On, respectively. For the sake of their egos, lets hope this actually works out (looking at you Mr. Sunshine). NBC also picked up White House comedy 1600 Penn, vet comedy Animal Practice, gay-couple-and-a-surragate comedy The New Normal and man-children-with-children comedy Guys With Kids. NBC Entertainment president Robert Greenblatt really thinks we need to laugh. A lot.

Does NBC have only one hair guy for all its new shows?

Although, to balance all that laughter out, serial killer drama Hannibal was picked up in February.

With terrible season ratings ten new shows, it’s hard to believe NBC is bringing anything back. But, there are a few old standby’s that are lucky enough to survive. Both 30 Rock and Community were renewed for 13 episode seasons. But, upcoming season seven will be Liz Lemon and Co.’s last hurrah. 30 Rock and Community join Parenthood, Law and Order: SVUGrimm and Smash in the winners circle.

Or by not being on television.

We’re still waiting for news on fan-and-critic-favorite Parks and Rec. If Twitter breaks, we’ll know NBC made a decision.

Since that was a ton of information, I’ll wait  a bit to throw more upfronts news at you. ABC is up next!

Update: Parks and Recreation was renewed for a 22 episode season, so everyone can calm down now. Up All Night was also renewed along with Whitney (#surprise!). Dane Cook will also be making his network television series debut with yet another NBC comedy, Next Caller Please. 

There do have to be some losers though. Womp womp. May we have a moment of silence for Harry’s Law, Are You There, Chelsea?, Awake and Best Friends Forever.


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