Network Upfronts: Diaries, Disney and DC Comics

11 May

Yesterday, I said that ABC was next up at bat. I lied. Sorry guys! ABC was pretty crazy today so let’s do something easy first, okay? Cool. Semi-network The CW it is!


Last week, I was lucky enough to hear that Supernatural was renewed for it’s eighth season. Yayyyy! Along with Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and 90210 received early call backs. Hart of Dixie, Nikita (#surprise!) and Gossip Girl will also officially survive another season. Although, upcoming season six will be Gossip Girl’s final one. You’re on to bigger and better things Blake Lively! Hopefully, one will less confusion with toddlers or Little Ponies.

When you get renewed, try to look as dissatisfied as possible.


The CW went a little pick up crazy today. Maybe not as bananas as NBC, but pretty darn pick up crazy. The CW’s buzziest pilot, The Carrie Diaries is set to be a dream come true for sorority girls everywhere hit your TV this fall. Diaries is the TV adaptation of Candace Bushnell’s Sex and The City prequel of the same name. I can see the Seventeen covers already.

It’s like the original. But with weirder styling.

Pedowitz also picked up two pilots I’ve been looking forward to, Arrow and Cult. Although Smallville ended its ten season run last year, The CW has moved onto a newer shinier DC caped crusader (and this time with green leather), the Green Arrow. Cult follows the serial killer trend started by NBC’s Hannibal. In the drama, a production assistant investigates her show’s “rapid fans” with a blogger. Recreated crime scenes, disappearances and possible murders ensue. Supernatural pairing, anyone?

Well, you’re not Justin Hartley…

Beauty and the Beast will also join the network along with medical drama First Cut.


With all these renewals and pick up’s, the ax had to drop on someone. This time, it was Sarah Michelle Gellar and Thomas Dekker’s neck on the line. Hovering around the million mark didn’t help very much The Secret Circle and Ringer.

Sarah Michelle Gellar should find a new project with Other Sarah Michelle Gellar ASAP.

With so many hyped shows this fall… Maybe, the 2012-2013 season won’t be so bad for the CW. A girl can dream right?


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