Occupy Port Taranaki: Starring Xena Warrior Princess

27 Feb

I’ve successfully fallen off the face of the Earth. At least blogging wise. I’m pretty sure I do this at the start of every semester…
But, I digress. Last night, the Academy Awards were held. You know, I know, even Angelina Jolie’s right leg and JLo’s left nipple knows. It was a pretty big deal. Everyone won who was supposed to win, including Meryl Streep (sorry, Viola Davis, better luck next time).

But like it has its own Twitter handle, though…

No matter how much I’d like to dedicate this blog to Angie’s dress/leg/existence we’ve got more pressing matters to talk about. Like when Xena Warrior Princess got arrested on an oil rig. Hopefully Gabrielle was right there with her (yes I watched the show as a kid. Along with Hercules featuring Kevin Sorbo, blame my dad.)

Lucy Lawless is apparently as much of a badass in real life as she pretends to be on TV. Except she likes to fight Big Oil, not Ares, God of War. Starting Friday, Lawless and a group of Green Peace activists boarded a Shell drillship in protest of the ship’s planned journey. The vessel was set for the Alaskan coast to drill three exploratory oil wells according to the New Zealand Herald… until the whole protesters camping out on the ship problem.


The activists foiled Shell’s plan for the weekend, camping out on the 53 meter drill tower for 77 hours. But all cool-weird celebrity activism antics must come to an end, ask Hayden Panettiere. Police scaled the tower, arresting the six remaining protesters and charging them with burglary.

“Seven of us climbed up that drillship to stop Arctic drilling, but 133,000 of us came down,” said Lawless. 133,00 Green Peace activists sent Shell executives an e-mail asking them to cancel the Alaskan voyage.

Am I the only one hoping for a movie deal?


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