2012: The Year Of The Princess

25 Jan

Lately, the entertainment industry has had a few big obsessions. There are ones that have been building up over the last few years, like the 1960’s or superheroes. And then there are the ones that come out of nowhere. Like, Princesses. Disney princesses. This year we see dueling Snow White films. It will be my personal favorite Snow White And The Huntsman versus Mirror, Mirror (if you haven’t seen the trailers for either, feel free to compare below). But, it goes a lot deeper. Specifically to a movie that’s been rereleased this year, 1991’s Beauty And The Beast.

I thought the princess projects ended there. I was wrong. The CW has been developing a reboot of 1980’s Beauty And The Beast procedural for months. Which should be the only BATB themed pilot ordered for the 2012-2013 season. Who else would even think of that? Nobody. Oh, wait. ABC would.

"Oh Beast, this script sounds nothing like us!"

According to TVLine ABC is developing another BATB pilot. This one is totally different though and not at all related. ABC’s BATB is “a fantastical reimagining of the classic fairy tale, set in a mythical, dangerous world wherein a beautiful and tough Princess discovers an unlikely connection with a mysterious beast.” said Jon Steinbeg, BATB’s will-be executive producer. So it’s Beauty And The Beast…on TV. That sounds revolutionary.

I’m guessing Sunday will be Fairy Tale Night? Once Upon A Time would be a great, if not painfully obvious, lead in.

I can’t wait to watch the two Beauties duke it out this fall. Who will reign supreme? Or more importantly, will anyone know the difference?


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    […] Beauty and the Beast will also join the network along with medical drama First Cut. […]

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