James Franco May Become Even More Mysterious

8 Jan

There are very few things more interesting than James Franco’s career choices. Sometimes I honestly wonder, does he put them in a hat? Is it a game of eenie meenie? Can he share his decision making secret with the world? But after a stint at every top university in America, General Hospital and currently Oz, where could Franco go next? If the casting rumors are true, a California mansion playing a pick-up artist. And not just any pick-up artist, the kind that wears outfits like these…

I pray that Franco will do a duplicate picture. Which probably isn't out of the question...

I KNOW. I KNOW. If everything goes according to costuming department plan, this will be the greatest movie ever made. Or at least produce amazing set photos. Franco is in negotiations to star as Mystery, the weird hat wearing woman expert featured above. (Yes, apparently that guy is a Love Guru)

The film will be the adaptation of best-selling The Game by Neil Strauss. Remember that really bad but disturbingly hilarious VH1 show, The Pick-Up Artist? If you saw it, you missed out on a few hours of your life. If you didn’t, you missed out on a few hours of ridiculous television. It revolved around nerds trying to learn the art of the pick-up from Mystery, mostly by wearing insane accessories. That little piece of reality heaven was also inspired by Strauss’ book and I can only hope the movie version will be as good. Which it will be, if Franco wears that hat.

Or this bear as a hat. It could be appropriate.


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