TV For 2012: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

4 Jan

Before the clock struck 12 and a new year started, I did my predictions for 2012. Unfortunately, those predictions were missing one very important component: television! Entertainment Weekly released their list of the hottest TV projects for the coming year. What do I think will work and should probably stay hidden in some executive’s bottom drawer forever?

The Good

The New Neighbors

Do I smell some cameo appearances?

When the news of the new puppet themed comedy broke I immediately wrote about it. I mean puppets on primetime TV? I’ve got to see this. The project is still in development, but  NBC has fixed the spelling and set it in beautiful Palm Springs.

Da Vinci’s Demons

Such a long pensive gaze.

Sexy period pieces always work for premium cable networks. The Tudors, Spartacus, Rome, they just do them well.  And yes, despite the photo, it will be a sexy Renaissance period piece. Starz has already given Demons a season order and is helmed by writer David S. Goyer of both the Blade and Dark Knight trilogies.

The Bad


Lead in for The New Neighbors?

An awesome idea that I’m terrified could go wrong. What if there’s bad casting? What if the premise is off? Will it be more Dexter or White Collar? Is the titular character a serial killer running around in the guise of a psychiatrist  or as a reformed criminal helping The Law with his very specific expertise? Oh, the questions! If this works out it definitely deserves to be filed under The Good.

Valley Of The Dolls

Costume designers must be chomping at the bit

I think television executives are trying to tell us something. That something is, “America, you effing love the 1960’s. We don’t even care whether you tell us differently.” NBC has decided to put an adaptation of a 1966 novel about pill popping ladies in development, ya’know after that 1960’s drama about bunny ear wearing ladies worked so well. And that ABC drama about 1960’s stewardesses took off too. Yeah.

The Ugly

Anger Management

I'm sure Chuck Lorre is happy Mr. #Winning is on a different network

FX is the king of the adult comedy with It’s Always Sunny, The League and Louie. It’s looking to add to the hysterics with Anger Management starring #Winning actor, Charlie Sheen. The new show will be the television adaptation of 2003’s movie of the same name. There’s a good chance this could implode upon itself with tiger blood, Adonis DNA and goddesses.


I kind of feel bad for whatever actor gets told he's "perfect for the part!"

The physical characteristics of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster got the new show put down here. Another NBC in development show (seriously, they need like a 20), will have a hard time fighting all the other monster crazes of late. Can the green scream machine prove to be cooler than the vampires, zombies and puppets of 2012?

For the 2012-2013 television season expect to see millions of reboots and re-imaginings. Apparently, Hollywood has come to terms with the fact that they are actually out of ideas.


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