Whetting Everyone’s Appetite For The Hunger Games

3 Jan

It’s only January 3rd, but Lionsgate is already preparing to own the year. The Hunger Games is about to take off and it wants you excited, nice and early! The first trailer debuted in November, introducing everyone to the three new celebrities they’ll to be obsessed with until forever. AKA, The People  Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner Throw Darts At In The Spare Time. If you didn’t see the trailer featuring Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique from X-Men: First Class), Liam Hemsworth (Mr. Miley Cyrus) and  Josh Hutcherson (Cirque du Freak and The Kids Are All Right) back in November, watch it below!

This week, Lionsgate reminded every one of their megablockbuster by releasing the first set of official images. A subtle little, “hey! Dont forget how excited you are about this!” from the production company. There’s tons of pictures of Hemsworth’s jaw, Hutcherson’s profile, Woody Harrelson with hair, and lots and lots of Lawrence.

Hard time there, buddy? Photo Credit: Lionsgate

Easier time. Photo Credit: Lionsgate

I wonder if he can cut things with his jaw. He totally can. Photo Credit: Lionsgate

Should this not remind me of Star Wars and A Clockwork Orange? Photo Credit: Lionsgate

Yes, that IS Woody Harrelson in the middle. Photo Credit: Lionsgate

I don't know what part scares me the most. But it all does. A lot. Photo Credit: Lionsgate

Ignoring the terrifying amount of rose in the last picture, Lionsgate is well on its way to getting America hungry for The Hunger Games (yes, I love obvious puns).


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