Update: Magic Mike or That Male Stripper Movie

26 Dec

I think it’s only fair to keep the public very well informed on Magic Mike, coming out on June 29, 2012. I mean have you seen the cast? Exactly. I’m just doing a public service. So, expect some very diligent coverage of the Channing Tatum lead movie.  Which, is coming out the same day as G.I. Joe Retaliation, another summer flick with a far different demographic (ya’know…kids) and the same leading actor. This is going to be awkward for Tatum.
But the business of the day isn’t which premiere Tatum decides to go to, but, new teaser pictures! Or, rather picture. If only there were multiples! Here’s the first picture from Magic Mike.

Courtesy Warner Bros.

Now I know what Uncle Sam meant when he said, “We Want You!”

Matthew McConaughey’s character Dallas is clearly taking retirement well and Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer and Tatum are all proud of their right to bare arms. We’re just missing is White Collar‘s Matt Bomer. But, he’s probably too busy stealing from the Federal Reserve or something. If you didn’t get that, you should start watching White Collar, immediately.

Hopefully, more photos will be hitting the interwebs soon. Or, maybe even a trailer! Tons of summer movies have recently released trailers (go watch the Dark Knight Rises trailer! Now!), Magic Mike‘s has to be on the horizon.


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