5 Ladies Who Made The Female Lead Totally Kickass

17 Dec

This television season, freshman shows were filled with female leads. Revenge, Once Upon A Time and New Girl among some less fortunate shows (looking at you,  The Playboy Club) have women in the forefront. About fifteen to be exact. But this phenomenon didn’t come out of left field. There are some pretty awesome female characters who paved the way.

Lorelai Gilmore

There’s never been a friendlier mom. Ever.

She was the coolest mom to ever grace the television screen. Who hasn’t wanted Lorelai to be their mom at some point? Other than Rory.

Sydney Bristow

Just hangin’ around in my wig. And my leather pants. Ya’know. Just a regular Tuesday night.

Every ass kicking, leather wearing female spy on television should thank Sydney for pioneering the western plains of television espionage. Yeah Nikita, especially you.

Veronica Mars

I’m on to you, you wascally wabbit, you.

Creator Rob Thomas rewrote his protagonist as a female because he thought it would be more compelling. And he was right. Veronica was the kind of teenager that was relatable, sarcastic and smart. And totally has cuter outfits than Sherlock Holmes ever has.

Liz Lemon

I think Leslie Knope is taking my advice. Only thing that could explain that smile.

As every female spy should thank Sydney Bristow, every well written intelligent comedic female lead should buy their predecessor a bottle of Pinot. And maybe some Star Wars paraphernalia.

Sookie Stackhouse

I would be this upset too if I had to pick from Eric and Bill and Alcide. #RoughLife

She’s sexually liberated, hard working and her vampires don’t sparkle. She even inspires iconic Rolling Stone covers with implied threesomes and artistic blood.

After so many amazing women have hit the small screen, they more than make up for the Charlie’s Angels reboot, right. No? Oh…okay, never mind.


One Response to “5 Ladies Who Made The Female Lead Totally Kickass”

  1. For Better GENiUS December 17, 2011 at 4:19 AM #

    Who hasn’t wanted Lorelai to be in their bed at some point? Other than Rory.

    ohh waittttt I guess this isn’t an appropriate place to mention how each of these characters/people are attractive in their own way. I speak for the male populous. enjoy

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