Jason Stackhouse Is The New Guy

5 Dec

So I’ve been working on an actually well written post for a couple days. But I keep doing real work and celebrating Sierra Querns’ (#GoTeam!!!) birthday instead. Alas, one thing can pull me out of le French subjonctif:


Ladies: True Blood star Ryan Kwanten will be guest starring as Jess’ Valentine’s Day sexy (Australian?) one night stand. Kwanten isn’t particularly famous for his humor, but he has perfect abs comedic timing. Really! Once you get past Jason’s good looks and sex drive, you realize Kwanten has given the elder Stackhouse an amazing sense of humor. All my favorite lines, and probably your’s, come out of Jason’s mouth.

Like the sparkling deadpan gem “Never thought I was really smart enough to get depressed,” from Hitting the Ground (3.7).

I guess this means Jess and Man!Jess, Paul (played by Justin Long), don’t work out. Awww shucks.

It’s time to stop Googling Ryan Kwanten photos and refocus on ‘il faut que!’ Good luck with your last week of classes/finals 🙂


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