Welcome to the Naborhood

22 Nov

First it was vampires. Then werewolves (still don’t think that went over too well). Followed by zombies. And now apparently, puppets are all the rage. Yes. Puppets. The Muppets are back this week (eventually read my Amy Adams fashion story here, out Friday) and NBC in all its rating’s glory has ordered a show about puppets.
The New Nabors will features a human family lucky enough to reside next door to a puppet family. I’m assuming hilarity qickly ensures?

Hopefully a member of the Nabors

Nabors has a pretty good pedigree,  including 30 Rock writer John Riggi  and CEO of Jim Henson Co. Lisa Henson. Henson Co. has produced puppet hits such as The Muppets, Sesame Street and generational favorite Bear In The Big Blue House. You forgot about BITBBH until this moment, didn’t you? For shame.

Maybe puppets are just what NBC needs to get out of their 4th place rut. Since ya’know, sexy bunnies couldn’t do it


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