The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ed Jacket

22 Nov

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is arguably the most anticipated film this Awards Season. It has everything that makes a Hollywood darling, an amazing cast (Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara), its roots in an international bestseller, and David Fincher at the helm. But Hollywood isn’t the only one looking make bank from the cash cow dragon.
Swedish retail giant H&M  has a capsule collection coming out December 14 inspired by Tattoo‘s leading lady Lisabeth Salander (Mara).

You're inspired, non?

The thirty item collection will feature boots, accessories and clothing from $4-$199 for the everyday women who want to channel the badass-ness of Lisabeth without the multiple piercings and mohawk.
InStyle talked to the costume designer for Tattoo and the designer of the collection, Trish Summerville.
“Everybody has a little bit of Salander in them. Or everybody wishes they did. The reason people love that character, especially women, is that we all wish we had a little part of that ferociousness in us,” said Summerville.
The most expensive item will be Salander’s iconic motorcycle jacket for $199, but I’m pretty interested in whatever’s on the $4 side of the spectrum.
And most importantly, will Daniel Craig be on sale at my local H&M?

How did the photographer tell the models apart?



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