Save The Drama For Your Mama

22 Nov

Ever hear of a little show called Jersey Shore? MTV put a couple of party loving  semi-Italians in a house in Seaside Heights and just watched the sparks fly. Well, two years later America’s infatuation with fist-pumping, cookas, and hair gel seems to be coming to an end. How many more ridiculous things can come out of Snooki’s mouth and can anyone watch Ronnie and Sammi break up again?
“Ahnestlee, just staaaahp. Staaaaahp. I cahn’t anymoooorah.”
Jersey Shore creator SallyAnn Salsano agrees. Salsano is moving onto bigger and creepier things, mother-daughter relationships to be exact. But please don’t expect tea-time and grounding anyone over bad test grades. Do expect lots of mothers partying with their daughters and probably more body shots than your typical Friday night…for a month. These alternative mother-daughter teams will be thrown into a house together and most likely encouraged to get trashed together. A lot.

Taking the phrase "Forever 21" to new and disturbing heights

VH1 has ordered ten-episodes of the Mama Drama. Salsano promises viewers “You can’t stop watching. These characters are real and raw and don’t apologize for anything,” in an exclusive to the Hollywood Reporter.
“I could not believe what was happening before my eyes. At any second chaos could erupt, and most days it did. When there was a fight in that house, it wasn’t a regular reality show squabble – it was personal,” Salsano went on to describe. So, we should actually start looking forward to nonstop Yo Mama jokes and hair pulling? Mama Drama will be  living up down to our exact expectations.

The mother-daughter Jagger-and-emotional-bombs commence on January 1 9p.m.


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