The Graveyard Shift

9 Oct

Most series aren’t even past their fourth episode this TV season, but some freshman shows have already passed into the afterlife. That was fast. So who should start looking at headstone prices ASAP?

How to be a Gentlemen 
I like to consider myself pretty up-to-date on TV. That may explain my having this blog. Maybe. But I had about zero clue HtbaG even existed, let alone it was on CBS. Apparently a good chunk of Americans agreed.

I wonder why no one watched...

Playboy Club
It kind of breaks my heart that Playboy Club was cancelled. It was well written, intriguing and pretty to look at (Eddie Cibrian in a suit, anyone?). So much promise with such big ears! But with tons of pressure from The Parents Television Council and advertisers pulling out of the time slot NBC has officially ended the party. Hugh Hefner (and I) are crossing our tails fingers that its put on USA Network.

I hope they saved their tips

Free Agents
NBC was feeling a little axe crazy this week. The Kinda Friends With Benefits For The Older Crowd will no longer try to get Hank Azaria back into the dating world. Darn.

Looks like fun.


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