Another Reason to Love Brad Pitt

20 Sep

I usually do not talk about cute things here. Mostly because I rarely find cute things worth 200 words or my time. Unless of course they have have to do with my favorite couple in the entire world, (sorry Mom and Dad) Brad and Angelina. Then whatever it is is worth my entire life and like a billion words.
In an AOL “Unscripted” interview Skinny! Jonah Hill asked Brad Pitt what film would consider his legacy, what he kicked ass in. I’m butchering Hill’s words since he said it much funnier, but you get the point.  My money was on Fight Club since I can recite the entire script on command (you could say I’m somewhat of a fan).
But Brad surprised me. Or I just missed the obvious choice. No, it’s not Se7en either!
Instead the Hottest Dad in America said “Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It changed my life.”
Cue the “AWWWWWWW’s” and wide eyes! Way too good, Brad. Way. Too. Good.

Kickin’ ass and having a billion kids since 2005

Really though watch the actual video, it’s way cuter.


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