Beauty And The Beast And The CW

15 Sep

Apparently, The Lion King (YEEEEES!!!) isn’t the only Disney favorite that’s being taken off the mantle and dusted off. Well, kinda. It’s not your Be Our Guest (Put their service to the test) Belle that we’ll be seeing anytime soon. Instead it’ll be the 1987 hit Beauty and the Beast, starring badass Terminator mom Linda Hamilton and Hellboy Ron Perlman, that’s getting a reboot, according to a exclusive.

The original series is described as “The adventures and romance of a sensitive and cultured lion-man and a crusading District Attorney assistant.” No I’m not high, that’s really what IMDb says. Lion man?! I cant.

I have no words

Only The CW can make a show about a Lion Man…and a District Attorney and not find themselves overly ridiculous. LION MAN? I can’t wait to see the trailer for this one, a worldly lion man and a gorgeous attorney taking the city by storm. She solves cases while he…goes to the museum?  They’ll both be amazingly rich and have fancy parties. All of their friends will be equally as fabulous and sleep together. Lots of drama and giltz. And lion men. Really I’m not moving on from that.
The obvious next question is, who can play such well developed and three dimensional characters?  Am I smelling a follow up post? Maybe…
Lion man.


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