Sorry…Part Deux

14 Sep

Jenna Snyder, age 19 from Brooklyn, said during a phone interview “You have no idea how many fans you’ve abandoned.” Or something like that…
When I feel awkward about something instead  of dealing with it…I avoid it until I physically can’t anymore. At all.
And I felt awkward about not writing here  for a couple days. Then it became a week. Which turned into a few weeks. And now we’re here. And I feel super apologetic to like the 4 people that read this.
Wordpress told me I needed to approve a comment. Which made me realize that there’s some poor soul out there, Claire(?), actually still checking this blog. So I guess I should start taking care of this thing.
Onto twitter and every other site I read to whip something up quickly…

If you were wondering I've been quite busy. But, really though I'm taking 16 credits. And an internship.


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