A Werewolf, a Con Man and G.I Joe Walk into A Club

18 Aug

Do you happen to enjoy looking at an attractive man? Do you happen to enjoy looking at many attractive men? Well even if you don’t, I’m guessing you know someone that does. Which means you will be seeing Magic Mike whether you like it or not, if director Steven Soderbergh has his way. True Blood’s resident werehottie Joe Manganiello is in talks to join the already the film’s smokin’ cast. Magic Mike is looking at a Little Black Book filled with I Am Number Four‘s leading man Alex Pettyfer, G.I. Joe’s Channing Tatum, No Shirt No Problem Matthew McConaughey, and White Collar‘s in-house con-man Matt Bomer. Yeah, I’m worried the screen may burst into flames from the sheer hotness, too.

And I forgot to mention it’s a male stripper movie.

You thought it was Joe Manganiello Picture Time, didn't you? Nope. But that is director, Steven Soderbergh.

McConaughey plays an ex-stripper who owns club Xquisite where the rest of the ridiculously good looking cast happens to work. Manganiello is to to play (get ready for it!!) Big Dick Richie, Tatum is Magic Mike himself and Pettyfer plays the new young dancer in need of a mentor (that’s where Tatum comes in!). Bomer’s character is currently unknown, booo.

Anyone else interested in where exactly this will be filming? Shooting starts September 14th!

No, I’m not actually going to leave you hanging. Here’s a refresher course in The Men of Magic Mike… with pictures!

It's Big Dick Richie, everyone! (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)

He's in need of a hero! Or Channing Tatum and hustling...

He's got the Magic in him!

There are about zero "Shirtless Matt Bomber" images on Google...

...But his google image searches are the polar opposite of Bomer's...


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