Blonde Bombshells

15 Aug

Sorry Marilyn and Pam, this week isn’t for the blondes bombshells, but for the blondes dropping bombshells.  Hollywood has been hit by some pretty weird stories, all brought to you by some flaxen haired [semi] celebrities.

First off, a story especially close to my early 2000’s Disney loving heart, Hilary Duff is with child!  I thought she was eternally fourteen years old? Shouldn’t she be wearing brightly colored shirts, too many prints, and crushing on boys with feathered hair? But for some reason she’s instead having a child with her husband of one year, Mike Comrie, a current free-agent hockey player. The only thing that’ll make me feel any older if Lindsey Lohan starts cleaning up her life.

She’s just as surprised as I am there’s a baby in there

Next up in Things I Never Thought Would Happen, Tara Reid got married this weekend! Really! The happy news was publicized via a quick succession of tweets from the American Pie actress and infamous party girl. On August 13th she tweeted “I just got engaged!” from her Blackberry. Her next tweet, on the same day, was “Greece married!” followed by “Just got married in greece I love being a wife!” Well, that was fast! It was originally reported that Reid married Dutch business man and previous boyfriend, Michael Lillelund. But Reid surprised everyone tweeting “His name is zack kehayov.” Everyone know’s Zack Kehayov, don’t you? No? Oh okay, neither do I.

Reid and NOT Zack Kehayov.

Honorable mentions of shockers go to Kate Gosselin and Brooke Hogan, both of reality star fame. One for having a jerk of a husband and eight children, the other for having a famous father and cougar of a mother. Gosselin’s Kate Plus 8 was cancelled by TLC although the network is planning on periodically checking in on the tumultuous family. Hogan on the other hand unveiled a completely nude picture of herself…in a cage…with her father there as her date last Thursday. The photo is in support of PETA, as commentary on animal cruelty. Hogan would like everyone to “stop picking on her,” according to an August 13th tweet.

A Photo Only A Father Can Love?

The moral of these antics is: If you’re blonde, kind of famous and something goes right…or wrong tweet about it. So, go peroxide your hair and get to @blondebombshell’ing it!


One Response to “Blonde Bombshells”

  1. C September 14, 2011 at 12:29 PM #

    She’s wearing Keds…. I CAN’T.

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