Rag and…Rob?

13 Aug

Apparently, every celebrity wants to be a fashion designer. I survived the whole Miley Cyrus at Walmart Debacle of 2010, but the R-Patz at Target Kick Off To The Apocalypse Party of 2011 may soon be upon us. You think I jest, don’t you? Why sir, I surely do not. Although maybe hopefully Robert Pattinson is.

Does he look like he wants to compare fabric swatches?

According to Pattinson’s co-star and friend Kellen Lutz, the brooding British heart-throb is looking to get into the fashion business. Lutz, whose own line Abbot + Main debuted this Thursday, requoted Pattinson saying “”He’s like ‘I should do one’ and I’m like ‘Oh’. And he found out I was doing one and he’s like ‘Really?’ It was really funny. He wants to do one too.”

But we’re talking about Robert Pattinson here. Famous for resembling a hobo at times and messy hair. I don’t think his next goal in life is making a faaaabulous pair of black jeans. Unless, they come with a seventy year old beanie. Then he’d totally be in.


One Response to “Rag and…Rob?”


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