Moving Out Of Wisteria Lane

5 Aug

After seven seasons of murder, marriages, and mix-ups ABC is ready to get a divorce from it’s Desperate Housewives. Is the Seven Year Itch to blame? This Sunday, at the Television Critics Association press tour, ABC is set to announce that the upcoming eighth season will be viewers last chance to visit Wisteria Lane.

I Wouldn't Piss Off These Housewives, ABC

Fans and Housewives’ insiders alike expected the weekly drama to continue through 2013, as Marc Cherry intended. But Cherry left the executive producer and showrunner position at the end of the seventh season. He’s expected to consult this year while developing other shows.

But fear not, ABC has new Estrogen Drama!! TV to help you cope with the loss. There’s the Charlie’s Angels reboot featuring Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh and as well as Desperate Housewives with a bit of a drawl, Good Christian Belles. ABC hopes Belles will have you saying “Why I do declare, who is this Bree Van De Kamp you speak of? And would you enjoy a nice cold glass of sweet tea?” The cast includes Leslie Bibb, Kristin Chenoweth, David James Elliott and Annie Potts.

It's just like Desperate Housewives...but with lots of prints!


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