Movies I Shouldn’t Be Excited For, But Am: Battleship

5 Aug

My favorite movie is David Fincher’s in-your-face-masterpiece, Fight Club. Never ever watch it with me, unless you’re interested in hearing me recite the entire script over Brad Pitt’s voice. Oh, you’re not? Never would’ve guessed.
Fight Club is the kind of movie you can tell people you love. You can buy the posters and quote it on Facebook all you want. But…I also have a huge soft spot for Bad Movies. Or at least lately. That cheesy, over the top ridiculousness just gets me right here, you know?

First up, Just Add Water: Transformers Edition. Or Battleship as Universal calls it.

A lot like Cowboys and Aliens, I love the bizarre questions you just have to ask yourself with this trailer.
-Why does Brooklyn Decker need to be in a bikini on top… on top of Taylor Kitsch… taking about…marriage?
-How did they convince Liam Neeson that this project was a great fit for him?
-Or Alexander Skarsgård for that matter? Shouldn’t he be off drinking True Blood somewhere?
-Why is everyone so mean to Kitsch’s character Hopper?! What did he do to deserve this? Look at al the great facial expression he makes! Stop being mad at him.
-Really though, WHAT IS THAT IN THE WATER?
-Where the Sam Hill is Rihanna? I keep reading she’s in the movie but she’s no where to be found…
-And finally, who decided that a movie based on the game Battleship was a good idea?!!

Have your swim floaties ready for [Your Alien Watercraft Sank My] Battleship, out May 18, 2012.

This is probably going to be an ongoing topic for me… so get excited for some more cheesy goodness!


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