A Cry For Attention From The Man of Steel

4 Aug

Not to be redundant but, The Dark Knight Rises started filming last week. A ton of photos were leaked from the Pittsburgh set, but only the best bloggers had the pictures. Oh I had them you say? Why thank you for the compliment!

But Zack Snyder and The Man of Steel (out Summer 2013) don’t want you to forget about them. So they released the first official still.

“I mean, we had some totally awesome times, babe.  Remember when I almost died because of a dumb green rock? You were right there with me. Don’t let some jet-setting badass billionaire’s trilogy sweep you off your feet! I can still fly! He’ll never have that on me, hon. Don’t I look cool in this picture? Bruce Wayne can’t get thrown into a metal vault and still have hair this perfect.”


You won't like him when he's angry! Wait, wrong universe (Warner Bros.)

If it weren’t for my irrational antipathy for Superman, I’d think the still was pretty darn cool. But I just can’t admit that.


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