Not Another Dinner Party From Hell…

31 Jul

It's All So Classy Until Someone Opens Her Mouth (Credit: Bravo)

I’m guessing you have normal activities listed on your Facebook profile. Hanging out with friends, maybe? On my Facebook activities I instead list Quoting The Real Housewives.

Living in a dorm room without an actual television makes watching TRH quite difficult during the school year. But thank the Man Upstairs for Winter Break. During those four weeks I got to know the Real Housewives Beverly Hills quite personally. I can’t even try to tell you how many times I purred “In Beverly Hills it’s who you  know, and I know everyone,” a la Lisa Vanderpump.

And this September the ladies from the 90210 are back and crazier than ever

Even more annoying small dogs! Washing Chicken Brought To You By Adrienne and Palmolive! Ton’s O Tears from Taylor…and Kim… and Lisa (but mostly Taylor). Some Grade A Bitchfests from the Richards Sisters! Oh yeah and some Camille vs. Kyle drama…surprise.

How exactly are you not counting down the days until Season 2’s September 5th premire date.


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