I’m Sorry I’m Such A Fangirl

30 Jul

Please try to deal with this over the top Supernatural Post. If you want to ever think I’m cool please do not continue reading.

Okay now that I’ve read every possible syllable written about Supernatural’s introduction to Hall H at ComicCon, I guess I should be an adult and write a real blog about it. Instead of an insomnia ridden fangirl word spew, yaknow? Yaknow.

As usual the Powers-That-Be (Angel reference. Yeah Cordelia, yeeeah) over at Supernatural are tight lipped and mysterious on the horror hit’s seventh season. Jared Padalecki was semi-smoothly trying to answer questions without actually telling the hungry public a darn thing in most interviews. Jensen Ackles got off a little easier though. He was lucky enough to talk about his second shot at directing. Look forward to episode 07.03!

Faces Only A Mother Could Love.

Now that all that fresh news is over flowing in the Supernatural folder of my brain… What Does Ariana Want To See From Season 7 of Supernatural?

-Redemption for Castiel

A lot of people out in the fandom are convinced/excited/worried about Castiel dying. I’m a member of the Worried Camp. Here’s a character the writers made us love. Yeah, he may have gotten a God complex somewhere along the way…but the Road to Hell and all that. I want to see redemption for a character that has become just as much a part of the Winchester family as Bobby Singer.  I don’t want a premature and absurd death for my favorite angel. And I swear to God houses will be burned down if he explodes from all those “nuclear reactor souls.”


My favorite season is, and always will be, season 4. So, I’m all for division and drama when it comes to Winchesters. But after the hellish season of Soulless Sam, anyone else remember that time he tried to kill Bobby, I want my boys back together. On the road, eating pie and drinking beer together.

Saving People, Hunting Things, The Damn Family Business

Post episode 6.08 the writers truly got into the swing of things. Going from the freakin’ apocalypse to Sam-Really-Isn’t-Acting-Like-Sam-And-Isn’t-Their-Grandpa-Annoying was a hard thing to do as a writer and to enjoy as a viewer. The noir theme went well enough but I want the boys doing what they do best. Killin’ some evil sons’a bitches and raisin’ a little Hell. I want monsters shot in the face and vampires staked like there’s no tomorrow. With the insane amounts of mythology they’ve packed into six years a simple story may seem ridiculous, but the writers are talented. They can make a Monster of The Week Episode into something epic. I would love to see the Alpha Vampire come back since he was badass.

‘Nough said? Yeah. Don’t kill him off. More awkward kissing with Bobby and sass. Please and thank you.

A Spaceship
Insane. I know, don’t worry. But Exec-producer Ben Edlund digs the idea. Which means I dig the idea, a lot. If anyone can put the Winchesters in Space it’s that guy.

The Musical Episode

Everybody wants it. You want it too, you just haven’t realized it yet. Sam and Dean dancing and singing, all while offing djinn. Bobby curmudgeonly getting his groove on. Crowley giving us a feisty number in a well cut suit or maybe doing a duet with Cas. You know we’d all pay to see that.

Strong Stories

I want episodes I remember. The ones I remember the ending, name, and number of. Not another Mannequin 3: The Reckoning. Seriously though, who thought that was a totally awesome idea? These writers know how to tell stories that matter. They can do things like Frontierland, The French Mistake and The Man Who Would Be King. I don’t want them wasting ink on more episodes like All Dogs Go To Heaven.

The End

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the season coming that definetly shouldn’t exist. The season where there’s nowhere else to go for the Winchesters. Every monster’s been killed. Every rogue angel put in a cage. Every slice of pie eaten. I’m terrified of the season where the Boys are just driving around in the Impala looking for something, anything to do. So I want the show I love to end on a high note.  With good ratings, great stories and some Wayward Sons Carrying On.


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