And Then I Finally Wrote About A Female

30 Jul

Well, more accurately, THE female. The goddess among us mere mortals… Angelina Jolie. No, I’m sorry, I’m not Team Aniston.

Sadly, I’m not writing about the 36-year-old Queen of The Universe to tell you about the 87 million movies she’s about to direct/act/produce. It’s quite the opposite.  Jolie has said that she plans on doing fewer films and instead wants to focus on other projects and goals. How dare she decide to raise her six children and save the world?! We need a Wanted 2!

Nope. Not Busy At All

Jolie explained that her characters help her answer her own questions on life, love and understanding. Now that she has a gorgeous loving husband, a house full of children and an amazingly fulfilling career in both acting and world diplomacy I guess she can answer those same questions without playing Tigress in Kung-Fu Panda. 

But here’s to hoping that the adaptation of  Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff isn’t the last time we Angie on the silver screen. 


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