Saving People, Hunting Things, Keeping Me Up Way Too Late

27 Jul

God, A Moose, and My Future Husband at ComicCon

If you knew me, you’d know it’s amazing that I have yet to write some sort of long, drawn out, freakishly excited blog about my hopes, dreams and fears for life season 7 of Supernatural. Which is probably bigger than my life itself, anyway. With it’s Sundance and Butch Cassidy theme. And the anticipated death of Angel-Turned-New-God Castiel. And a very lost, scared and broken Sam. Oh And Dean Winchester in general. Plus apparently there are some big plans for everyone’s favorite King-of-Hell-in-the-Body-of-a-NYC-Book-Publisher, Crowley. Oh wow, it seems I’m starting that excessively fangirlish blog post at this very second. I should save this for a time when I’m not writing at 3:30am.


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